# 1 Fat loss Rule

#1 Fat loss rule is simple: Nutrition is first, then exercise.
Are you confused? I thought you should workout and THAT alone will make you lose weight? Well not so fast! You see you can’t out train a bad diet.
We all need calories to survive, and not eating enough calories can actually hinder your results. But, the food choices you make are going to determine the numbers on the scale..That’s the honest and maybe harsh truth.
Here are 3 golden rules Iron Lady Fitness uses with their clients:
#1. Pass On The Packaged Foods
If you’re eating something from a box, jar, or can there’s a high likelihood that it’s high in calories, low in nutritional value. Pass on that !
#2. Eat Veggies Like They’re Going Out Of Style
Vegetables should be the basis for every meal you eat. You cannot find another type of food that offers such amazing nutritional value at such a low calorie count. Plus they are filled with micro nutrients that will increase your fiber intake and help you remain regular in the bathroom.
#3. Plan To Indulge
I don’t expect you (or anyone) to eat perfectly all the time. But, it is VERY important to plan for those refeed meals so that they don’t become the norm and don’t “just happen” when you let your guard down.
Exercise is awesome. We love lifting weights and we encourage all of our clients to find some way to stay physically active that they enjoy. But, exercise is not a good weight-management strategy.
Focus on fixing your diet first. That 20% effort will give you 80% of the results you’re looking for. Guaranteed. Contact our training team for help getting your nutrition right! It’s the FIRST step you truly need to take!

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Importance of nutrition and fitness for fat loss